4 Reasons Why...

...I should be a guest blogger on 4 Reasons Why, a blog that regularly posts of list giving four (or sometimes five!) reasons why something is or should be. 1.) It is a chance to broaden my horizons and improve my writing, as cliched as that sounds. My posts here are fairly eclectic and nothing is stopping me from writing about different topics but I tend to focus on the usual suspects of social media, technology, PR and video games. Writing a guest post for someone else will force me to take a different stance and look more closely at my own writing.

2.) As I've mentioned before in posts like this, Four Reasons Why is one of my favorite blogs these days. Getting the chance to write for them would be like the plot of a Mark Wahlberg movie like Invincible or Rock Star: longtime fan gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become famous and live his dreams.

3.) I totally understand where the 4 Reasons Why guys are coming from. After working on BlogCampaigning for almost two years, I can sympathize with the They're looking for help, and I can sympathize with the need to do things like drink beer and play sports instead of trying to come up with content for my blog all the time. And who knows, maybe if I write a guest post from them they'll join the ranks of Paull Young (who wrote a post about Astroturfing for us a while ago) and Rick Weiss (who had a guest post here about video games and PR).

4.) They're looking for guest bloggers.

If you think I should be a guest blogger on 4 Reasons Why, let them know or come up with your own list.