The BlogCampaigning Blogroll

Before we moved over to our own hosted version of Wordpress, we had a tradition here at BlogCampaigning of trying to make sure that our blog roll was always up to date and reflected what we were actually interested in, rather than just a long list of blogs more popular than ares that we hope will one day link to us.

In an effort to continue that transition, here are five blogs that I've been really into lately and think you should be as well:

: These guys, particularly Mike Masnick, are just unbelievably smart. Whatever the tech or copyright issue of the day might be, you can bet that this crew will have a realistic and insightful take on it. Mobile computing is the future, and learning every bit about it from Emily's cell phone blog has helped me keep an eye on what's happening. She might be based in Switzerland but that doesn't mean she doesn't know what's going on.

: Written by Timmins' own Chris "Clarkey" Clarke, this blog might not have the same focus as his former Student PR blog but it still has that good ol' Chris Clarke charm.

SEOMoz: If you want to be seen on the internet, you're going to have to know a little bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For that reason, I started reading SEOMoz and have learned a ton in the past few months. They've got posts designed with the beginner in mind, but they also don't worry about getting a little bit more complex. If you care at all about getting noticed on the web (and if you're reading this, you probably do) then check out SEOMoz.

Four Reasons Why: It's easy to read and always fun: two reasons why I'll keep coming back to this blog written by Mark "Mr. List" Evans and his brother. They also do a pretty good job of dividing up the serious posts with the silly ones, and I feel like I learn something every time I read one of their posts. That it was created as a side project by Mark to test some social media strategy only makes it more interesting.

So those are my current favourites, dear readers. Are there any that you think I should be reading?