Tagged Again!

It looks like Michelle has tagged me in one of those social media, blogging games. The rules of the game in this one are to post 7 personal things about yourself, and then tag seven other people. Since BlogCampaigning is a primarily written by both Jens and I (nobody has heard from Espen in months), I decided that him and I would write 7 things about each other.

Parker Mason's 7 Things About Jens "Schredd" Schroeder:

1.) Easy, ladies! No matter how much you love his greasy hair and thick German accent, Jens is fully committed to his girlfriend Jenna. They met in Australia, and he's going to visit her there for three months this spring.

2.) Jens once told me the funniest story that I've ever heard. It was so funny that I laughed about it for two hours before I fell asleep laughing. When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I thought of was the story and I laughed for another two hours. I couldn't even eat breakfast, and when I ran into Jens at school later that day I started laughing again. The only reason I'm not retelling it here is because you need to hear it from Jens. If you ever meet him, buy him a beer and ask him to tell you "the story."

3.) Jens isn't very good at any of the Guitar Hero games.

4.) He is, however, one of the world's foremost experts on the subject of video games of the 80s from communist Germany.

5.) He is a member of the Turbojugend, which is the fan club for a Norwegian punk band called Turbonegro. In an age where most people don't even know anyone that owns a jean jacket anymore, Jens wears his Turbojugend jean jacket regularly and proudly.

6.) The posts Jens writes for BlogCampaigning need to be edited prior to going live so that I can make sure there isn't any offensive content. You'd be surprised at how necessary this step is.

7.) Once Jens hit a guy with his car and broke the guy's leg. However, even the injured party agreed that it wasn't Jens' fault.

Jens Schroeder's 7 Things About Parker Mason:

1.) When a girl in Sydney took a picture of her friends with Parker accidentally in the background she told everyone not to worry because she had Photoshop and could easily remove him from the photo. Parker was slightly offended.

2.) While working at the same company as my girlfriend, Parker tricked her into calling the Australia Zoo and asking to speak to "Steve Orwin." This was shortly after Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, founder of the Australia Zoo,  passed away as a result of stingray-related injuries. (Parker's note: it isn't like that was the ONLY joke I played on Jenna while we worked together - she should have seen it coming.)

3.)  The only German words that Parker knows are swear words and dirty phrases that I taught him.

4.) Parker once lost his patience when trying to explain the concept of "poetic terrorism" to a very nationalistic Chinese classmate. To bridge the cultural divide, Parker delivered an impromptu lecture on the topic to his classmate then made him watch Fight Club.

5.) He lived in Japan for a year.

6.) He never got me into surfing and the amount of sport he does never fails to amaze me. Then again when it comes to sports I'm incredibly lazy.  (Parker's note: when it comes to everything but video games and his studies Jens is incredibly lazy)

7.) His reaction to the news that I was awarded a research scholarship for a trip to Australia was full of colorful language, and driven by jealousy. He also likes to call me schlampe,  which is German for "b*tch." (Parker's note: really? I always thought it was a term of affection. But considering number 5 on your list, that makes sense)

In short, the two of us are glad that we met while attending school in Australia a few years ago and like being in touch on a regular basis as we draft the occasional post for BlogCampaigning. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the BlogCampaigning editorial board.

Who are we tagging? How about:

Chris Clarke, Rick WeissAmanda LairdThe Berling ImageMalte and Anthony, Claudio, and Tzero.

-Jens and Parker