Follow The Ley Lines

If you follow me on InstragramTwitter or on my personal portfolio site you’ll see that I’ve used the phrase “follow the key lines” as a description or bio. 

The theory of ley lines says that certain prominent sites, like mountain tops and trees, line up with each other in such a way that they imbue the space between them or near them with mystical power or that a combination of natural and manmade landmarks helped guide ancient travellers across the landscape.

Although you can easily draw a straight line from one random point to another and connect a number of random points in between (giving the illusion of order from chaos), I think that using  cultural ley lines is an important way of arriving at insights.

We often have a lot of data points or information to look at, and it isn’t always easy to connect the dots. Sometimes doing so takes a few leaps, and you'll have to use another piece of data as a reference point. At worst, you'll come across some interesting territory you might not have explored before. 

So to that, you’ll always find me following the key lines. They might not always take me to my destination, but I know I’ll learn something along the way.