Parker's post-mesh Thoughts

I debated long and hard with myself about whether or not I should post about the recent mesh conference. It was a great experience and I feel I should share it with BlogCampaignign readers (meaning: my mom wants to know why I haven't emailed her in so long), but at the same time blogging about an event where everyone spoke mostly about blogging and social media is starting to feel a bit self-referential for me. In the end, Heather took the burden off my shoulders by writing a great post about the lessons she learned at the conference. We didn't go to the exact same sessions, but you get the idea.

To add my own personal touch, I will say that I left the conference feeling incredibly inspired. Despite the economy, there was a sense of optimism at the MaRs centre last week. Every room I was in was full of smart people. Social media junkies, webheads and the technologically inclined have known that the old guard has been on its deathbed for years now. In this respect, the mesh conference was almost a celebration for the attendees. Not only are they poised to take control of the world in the next few years, but its something they've been looking forward to for a long time.

The future is going to be amazing.