More Relevancy For The BlogCampainging Blog Roll

A few weeks ago Jens, Espen, Jess and myself all wrote about what we thought were the most relevant blogs. As I rejoin the world of computing after my laptop completely crashed just before Christmas (RIP a great Dell Inspiron that lasted me four years through four different countries across three continents and probably thousands of hours of use), I find that I have hundreds and hundreds of different blog entries to catch up in my RSS reader. While I simply marked most of them that are read, I found that there were a couple of ones that I just couldn't miss and that didn't make it into my blogroll post earlier.

Slashdot remains a great source of new and wonderful information about technology and science. They always seem to catch stories before anyone else. (is it even a blog? Not that Technorati is everything that counts, but why doesn't Slashdot have any authority there?)

Deep Jive Interests by Tony Hung is another blog that I couldn't just skip through. He's got some pretty interesting opinions and his posts always stand out from the pack both for the engaging way their written and what he discusses.  TO see what I mean , check out Tony's recent post about the Google Reader privacy fiasco. (Who won that Chumby contest anyways, Tony?)

Anyone have any other suggestions for must-read blogs?