Technicity and Second Life

If all journalists canceled their Second Life subscription, the virtual swingerclub would be an even lonelier place than it already is… Maybe 3D browsing is the future and SL the first step. But for know I have to wonder why anyone could be bothered to have a presence yet alone to do campaign work in an environment that looks like the abortion of a late 90s video game.While I was having these thoughts I stumbled upon Dovey and Kenneddy‘s "Game Cultures. Computer Games as New Media". In their book they introduce the term technicity, which they define as

that aspect of identity expressed through the subject‘s relationship with technology. Particular tastes and their associated cultural networks have always been marked by particular technologies. However, our increasingly intimate relations with and through digital media and communications technologies intensify the identity/ technology interface. Technicities associated with the consumption and manipulation of digital technologies become key characteristics of the preferred subject of twenty-first century capitalism.

We would argue that this notion of technical virtuosity, of a particular easy adoption of and facility with technology, is a fundamental aspect of the contemporary ideal subject within the technosphere. We want to insist, that this historical moment produces technological competence as a key marker for success as a participant in the modern culture.

Aha! Ideal subject through the manipulation of digital technology! Politicians need the cultural capital of the early adaptors, the cultural cool of their interns with their iPods and Myspaces and Youtubes. They need to appear as successful participants in modern culture, just like all these hip guys in the technosphere of the web (and not like your [grand]parents). Didn't we somehow suspect that? Anyways, now you got the words to show off with!