How should Hillary approach the blogosphere?

The significance of blogs in political campaigns is illustrated in an article in USA Today by David D. Perlmutter where he discusses Hillary Clinton's future relationship with the emerging blogosphere. Perlmutter claims that howHillary plays the blogs, or is played by them, will be one of the most important political stories in the next few years. As of today, Hillary Clinton has three choices according to Perlmutter: either to ignore the left bloggers, attack left bloggers or co-opt left bloggers. Her husband Bill Clinton made the choice to attack a female black rap artist in the 1992 election to show his desire to appease the middle vote. The situation today is different for Mrs Clinton. If Mrs Clinton chooses to attack the left bloggers she will face a group that has grown in power with its influence in the cyber space. As Perlmutter remarks; the female rap artist that Bill attacked 1992 could only complain to the media and her friends (by phone), but today's blogs can swarm the world with a mouse click. What Perlmutter fails to mention that is perhaps just as important, is that the group he refers to as left bloggers has become much more united and aware of their power and influence than the activists on the left were in 1992. My advice would be to go for Perlmutters last option and co-opt the left bloggers. Hire an experienced advisor and ask the left bloggers for support.

And what does Hillary think of this new technology?