A Meditation on Public Speaking

I just got back from CPRS's 15th Annual CEO Award of Excellence Luncheon, which honored Francis Larkin this year. Larkin is the President and CEO of the United Way of Greater Toronto. The award goes the recipient who best understands, fosters and implements public relations practices.
I've been particularly noticing how people speak orally lately because I'm taking an advanced presentation skills class. What better skill could a true communicator have other than a strong command of public speaking? When Larkin opened her mouth, the words fell out so effortlessly that everyone in the room was engaged. I dug her casual and conversational style, like she was just talking to a couple buddies instead of a room full of bigwigs. I noticed the same thing when I was watching Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple deliver his keynote speech a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to adopt a less formal speaking style for myself.
If you want to hear some hilarious speeches, drop by Union Station at 12:30 PM tomorrow where my class will be practicing in the center of the hullabaloo. I'll be speaking on Self-Actualization.
-  Jess