The state of Political Blogging in Asia

New research from Windows Live Spaces shows that: Nearly half of those online in Asia have a blog 74% find blogs by friends and family to be most interesting Young people and women dominate 50% believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media 41% spend more than three hours a week blogging More than 40% have less than 10 visitors per week

Still, reports that politicians fared poorly across the region with only 14% interested in reading their blogs except in Malaysia where they were quite popular with 20% listing this type of blog as being of interest. The survey however, shows that blogs are a relatively trusted source of information with half of respondents believing that blog content is as trustworthy as traditional media. A quarter of the respondents answered that they believe that the use of blogs is the quickest way to learn about news and current affairs.  Well, it seems to me blogs can be powerful a tool for those politicians who use it as a complimetary communication channel to spread their political message.