How not to blog

It is time for a political blog review again. However, this time I just want to share what I just read in Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging in the UK. UK A-List blogger Guido Fawkes  (ranked 1 out of 100 on Dale's Top UK Political Blog-list) has this to say about the blog of David Miliband, Secretary of State for the Environment, in Dale's book:  

"The blogger who breaks all the rules (of how not to blog) is David Miliband, the blogging minister. He doesn't connect with the readers, he writes in the aloof jargon rich language of a true policy wonk. His blog is about as politically honest as Pravda in the days of Stalin. He says it is there "to bridge the gap between politicians and the public" but the first comment on his tax-funded ministerial blog for September 2nd is from a former Labour party press officer and the second from a PR man and Labour councillor. My polite comment was not published, so you get the idea. His blog is more about bridging the gap with people who agree with him… Worst of all he hands down his wisdom in a smug self congratulatory tone. His is a master class in how not to blog."

I think I am starting to like this Guido Fawkes character.