Housekeeping and Strikethroughs

-As you may or may not know, BlogCampaigning is a group blog, written by myself (posting as Parkernow), Jens (posting as Schredd), and Espen (posting as Blomqist). As the only native speaker of English on the team, it's my job to edit some of the bizarre grammatical errors that the others use (I guess you can't expect much else from two guys that look like this ;) ). Due to the fact that we live in incredibly different time zones, I don't always have a chance to edit their stuff before they post it, and will instead do it afterwards, using the wordpress edit post feature. While I know that other bloggers will strike through their original material for transparency's sake, I have avoided doing this. Any thoughts on that? -I've only recently noticed that on bigger screens, our page looks kind of crummy. The city image that I've been using as a background (it's a picture I took of Tokyo a few years ago) looks sweet on my little Dell laptop, but on anything larger it only covers half the screen, leaving some ugly bluish-purple boxes below it. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Or the problem that sometimes, our sidebar full of wonderful widgets only shows up once you scroll down about six posts?

Hopefully, I'll get that sorted out.

-In other news, I'm finding that I have a lot more time to post on this site than I previously thought. We've put up some sort of disclosure page (after getting the idea from Chris Clarke's blog...thanks), but I'm still going to try and avoid blogging about anything directly related to my company. Perhaps Connie has some advice for me (us all) about the legal issues of it all?