PR goes to the Movies

A few days ago on Twitter, Chris Clarke mentioned that Jason Bateman will be playing a role of a PR advisor to an difficult superhero in Will Smith's upcoming Hancock film. It seems like he'll be pretty good in the role, and I'll probably check out the movie when it comes out this summer. It also reminded me of a couple of other movies that have PR flacks as one of the main characters.

I Heart Huckabees is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is partly because of Mark Wahlberg's confused but passionate firefighter character but also because of Jude Law's slick role as Brad, the PR guy for a Wal-Martesque type of corporation.


I also remember watching Thank You For Smoking at the movie theater with Jens and Espen while I was still in Australia, as the three of us were taking a PR course at Griffith University at the time. It is a great movie, and I'm pretty sure that Aaron Eckhart's character, a spokesperson for Big Tobacco inspired me to apply for Imperial Tobacco when I first moved to Toronto.


Are there any other movies characters like these guys? What you think of the way Public Relations is shown on screen?