This is how we do it

Perhaps no song embodies the suckitude of, well music, like that crappy old r&b-song This is how we do it. And probably no blog will embody the just how much a campaign blog can suck, even if it tried, like that of Bergen Venstre. Granted they're a party with rougly 7% or so of the votes in a town in with only 250.000 inhabitants facing a municipal election, but even so they should be charged with crimes against blogging (for which the punishment should be having to listen to "This is how we do it" on repeat for a full hour).

Here's a few tips: It's not a blog if you use it to post press-releases. If you post a host of categories on the blog such as "The Party in the Media", "Program" and "The Candidates" then you should probably fill it with some content as well.

Perhaps they're in the process of building the blog you say? Possibly, but then they shouldn't have advertised their one post (the press-release) on the internet. I have a strong feeling it's going to be a blog pathetically devoid of any real content and interaction with the voters.

Perhaps I'm just in a shitty mood. Blame it on stumbling upon "This is how we do it" on YouTube.