Numbers that might mean something

Bivings Report hotshot Todd Zeigler gives us some great numbers about blogging in his article here. While I don't think many of us are surprised that approximately 1/3 of Americans at least read blogs and that a significat percentage are also actively involved in blogs or take action as a result of blogs, its nice to have some numbers about this kind of thing. However, one comment in the article that took me by surprise was that "swing voters are not really participating (in blogs)." How has this been determined? I think it is much more likely that swinger voters are participating in blogs every bit as much as more strongly-minded voters, but that they use the blogs for information gathering rather than soapboxing.

The main problem with Zeigler's article is that I felt jealous the entire time I was reading it. How come I wasn't invited to the panel discussion? If anyone wants to write a letter of protest about this, you can e-mail it to this address.