Richard Edelmans lessons from the Lamont campaign

Originally posted Sunday, 27 August, 2006Another campaign strategist and PR practitioner that more recently engaged in a political campaign is Richard Edelman. Edelman helped out Ned Lamont pull off a stunning upset in the Democratic Primary in Connecticut beating three term incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman, who just six years ago was nearly elected Vice President of the United States by four points. On his PR blog Edelman share lessons from the campaign that might come handy for other political strategists.

This is what he has to say about engaging with the blogosphere:

“Engage with the Blogosphere — When the Lieberman campaign made a big announcement about Lamont’s ownership of stock in Halliburton, the Lamont campaign did its own quick research and found that the Senator also held shares in the same company. A few bloggers (Daily Kos as example) were given the story, which was then picked up by mainstream media. In fact, the blogosphere has been a key asset for Lamont’s campaign, discussing his views, magnifying the impact of his ad campaign and speeches. One funny ad on YouTube, which was picked- up some blogs, parodies the negative attacks against Ned by showing his family critiquing Ned’s coffee making skills which Ned acknowledges lamely”.

For more information on this, read this article published 4 august 2006 in The New York Times .