Blog campaigning not always have a positive effect

Originally posted Monday, 28 August, 2006I have received some critics for bing too positive about Edelman’s involvement in blog campaigns. Basically I was told to wake up and look at how Edelman handled the Blogosphere on behalf of Walmart earlier this year.

I think it's good that people are pointing out the sides of blog campaigning that may have a negative outcome. But note that Edelman have recieved positive comments for his handeling of Walmart's blog campaing

If people are interested in reading more about the Edelman/Walmart incident New York Times have a comprehensive coverage of the case.

Richard Edelman also shares his side of the story in two of his blog posts that you can visit here and here.

And offcourse the Pr-bloggers have their take on the incident. Some of them have been gathered at PR Opinions It is all worth a reading.

Did the campaign have a negative effect? It can still be discussed I believe. At least it is an example of a ground breaking way of how to run a PR campaign and both companies and politicians should learn from it. It will be handy when developing online communication strategies.

Update: Visit Business Blog Consulting for their take on the story