If ancient Rome had the Internet...

My first thought was online orgies and people getting confused with the websites of the People's Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front.Look at what the people at No man is an iland marketing blog have to say. My favourites:

- The soothsayer's "Ides of March" email fails to get Caesar's proper attention as it's inadvertently filtered into his junk folder. - The owner of hadriansucks.rome is compelled to hand over both the domain name and selected body parts by an independent domain tribunal chaired by...Emperor Hadrian. - Websites like handsome-literate-male-british-slave.com pollute the search listings thanks to generous commissions at the slaves.co.rome affiliate program. - Roman programmers moan about projects outsourced to cheap coders in Mesopotamia.

And now: Romani ite domum!