Directed by you, starring Barack Obama

In a recent e-mail I recieved from John Larue, Deputy Director of Communications for Students for Barack Obama, he tells me that although their user-submitted video contest did not go as well as they had hoped (the contest was have users submit videos convincing Obama to run for the presidency), he hopes to have another one soon. While I question the effectivenss that such a contest will have, I fully support John and the other Obamaniacs as they take new ideas and attempt to use them for their own purposes.Even the official Barack Obama machine has started doing a lot of work with user-created video (perhaps inspired by their student supporters?). As blogs become slightly passe (or if not passe, then at least the standard) in the political sphere, it will take people like John Larue and B.O.'s team to take advantage of new modes of communication. Nine times out of ten, nothing will come of it. But that one time it works will be well worth the effort on the failed iniatives.