Clinton is in, and blogging will play a crucial part in her campaign

Cnn wrote yesterday that Sen. Hillary Clinton jumped into the fray as a 2008 presidential candidate with the words "I'm in" posted on her Web site. Today Todd Zeigler of the Bivings Report notes that Senator Clinton's campaign website reflects that the candidate understands that markets are conversations.

"The tagline 'Let the Conversation Begin' is plastered all over her site and she begins her annoucement video with this quote: 'I’m not just starting a campaign, I’m beginning a conversation',” Ziegler writes.

Despite these promising words the Clinton campaign has not yet released the blog that is integrated in the campaigns website. The site’s blog apparently isn’t ready yet, but Clinton is asking users to write posts on their own blogs sharing “your ideas on how we can work together for change.”

"Soon we’ll launch the official blog of, a crucial part of our exciting national conversation about the direction of our country and the place to go to learn more about Hillary. We know our readers are going to have a lot to say, so we want to give you the first word," it says on the website.

Todd Zeigler has this to say about Clinton's blog ideas:

"I guess the Clinton campaign will pick the best entry and highlight that as their first blog post. This is sort of a clever idea. If it works, Clinton will get a bunch of bloggers writing lover letters to her on their own sites in an effort to win the contest. How viral. Not sure many political bloggers will take the bait though.","

Read more about the features of Clinton's Campaign Website on The Bivings Report.


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