Healthy, heterosexual and well under 42?: Welcome to Five Brothers

The Washington Post had an interesting article about Mitt Romney’s rather different approach to the use of the blog as a campaign tool this weekend.

Romney’s campaign blog, Five Brothers, is a fresh attempt to use the tool to “humanize the candidate” as our friend over at e.politics, Colin Delany puts it (in the Post). What’s different about Romney’s blog is that it is written by his sons - his five ‘healthy heterosexuals well under 42’ sons (as a reader of the blog puts it) .

“The blog is yet another medium to convey the image of dedicated family man that is an essential part of Romney's identity as a candidate” [...] “Five Brothers was launched on April 12, and the Romneys post entries, load photos and videos several times a week. The blog is edited by the campaign communications staff, and comments and questions are allowed, though answers are not guaranteed”, writes Jose AntonioVargas of the Post.

"The blog does a really good job of humanizing the candidate". "I'm impressed by the consistency and the quality of the posts, which seem real and not scripted. Of course, this is politics, so of course at some level it's scripted. . . . But it feels sincere, and that's what counts when you're trying to reach an audience", Delaney, told the Post.

I totally agree. This is an innovative an interesting way of personalising the Romney campaign. Who knows the man better that his own sons? And if you think Romney himself didn’t blog, you are wrong! He does! That is, he has posted one post where he writes (quoting his introduction only):

My sons tell me it's time to contribute to their blog with a dispatch from the campaign trail. Boy, are they working hard – and having fun at the same time! I’m told the Five Brothers blog is one of the most popular features on our web site. I guess I can't put this off any longer. This week I found myself in Iowa . At a forum in Sioux Center , attended by more than 250 people, I got the opportunity to answer questions from citizens. It's something we do regularly. We call them "Ask Mitt Anything" forums.

Well, it also happens everyday on your blog Mitt! - And I bet you have more audience on your blog than you do during your forums. But then again, I guess the forum audience does not read a blog:


(image borrowed from the five brothers blog, original url here)

Check out the Five Brothers blog and let us know what you think.

- Espen