Monday's USA Today - Online Money

Well, its almost the holidays so hopefully I can be forgiven for posting about a USA Today article from their Monday edition. What is important to note is the statistics that are provided, notably that 42% of 'web-based activists' have an annual income of more than $75,000, quite contrary to the stereotype that most bloggers (as someone said of Tom DeLay) are unemployed losers. Of course, the article also points out that the web is being used as a fundraising tool. While this is all well and good for political campaigns, I am interested in knowing how this can be turned around to work for corporations (beyond a simply buy-online strategy).

Lastly, the quote from Carol Carr (director of the institute for Politics, Democracy & The Internet at George Washington University) that "The Internet tends to benefit the mavericks who have a compelling message" sums up a lot of what we have been trying to say here. We are much more likely to analyse a candidate/organizations message online, than we are if we get a simple sound bite. Those that are thinking will make the cut, while those that are simply a media-friendly face will be left in the dust.