Crashing the States

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CRASHING THE STATES is a cross-country journey to capture firsthand the excitement and activism of netroots-supported campaigns.

Inspired by the netroots movement and Markos Moulitsas Zúniga and Jerome Armstrong's insightful book "CRASHING THE GATE", bloggers Gary Abramson (Reality Bites Back) and Dante Atkins (Hekebolos) will travel across the states connecting with members of local blogging communities participating in campaign activities to support their candidates. From within the campaigns, they will report first hand the coordination, confusion, energy, trials and determination of netroots activists as they work to secure electoral victory. Bloggers and their candidates will be interviewed to find out who they are, what inspired them to action, and what impact, both expected and unexpected, their efforts are yielding.

Abramson and Atkins intend to bring the entire netroots community along for the ride. Each day, they will be posting diaries of their experiences on the largest political blogs on the internet. They will also cross post on this website, established to coordinate, track and fuel this endeavor. Bloggers will be encouraged to join them at each campaign destination where we can meet the bloggers as they help campaign for the candidate, and they will also participate in the filming by submitting their own stories and their own footage from campaigns across the nation.

Bloggers in destinations ahead will help facilitate meeting with and working with the candidates, allowing for the participation of as many netroots activists as possible. Bloggers will also be encouraged to submit questions to ask upcoming candidates and an open thread will be maintained to keep the project dynamic, flexible, and movement-based. The candidates themselves will be encouraged to blog and exchange ideas with the online community, helping to fuel their campaigns.

The culmination of these efforts will capture the nexus of a new American political movement and the struggle to reclaim and restore American democracy.