PR Girls?

A few weeks ago, a young producer and musician by the name of Jeremiah Vancans sent me a song he thought I'd like, called "PR Girls", that he produced for his group The Deli Boys.

From his description of the song:

"It talks about the large boot, small dog, fancy bag culture that has taken over the city streets across our nation. We recognized a type of girl that was repeatedly emerging from the deep jungles of urban culture. Owning the street with their over-priced bags, they developed their own language of terms by using weird melodic lisps and slurs. These women, no matter if they were in the Public Relations field or not, were dubbed 'PR Girls'. This term catapulted the idea of writing and producing this song. We hopes you like."

(If you're reading this post via RSS, you might have to click through to listen to the track below.)

The Deli Boys – PR Girls


What do you think? Is this what you think of when you think "PR Girl"?

And on a related note: whatever happened to Kim Kardashian's reality show about PR Girls?