Lib Dems honouring bloggers

UK: BBC reports that The Liberal Democrats recently honoured bloggers supporting the party by holding a Liberal Democrat ‘blog of the year’ award. The five best blogs have been awarded a media accreditation to the party's upcoming conference that is to be held this week. Both the Lib Dems and bloggers are enthusiastic about the outcome of the award and aim to repeat the success next year.

From BBC News:

Mark Pack, Liberal Democrat internet campaigns chief, said the blogging contest had been a success and would probably be repeated next year.

"The number of Liberal Democrat blogs has trebled in the past 18 months," he said.

"As a result far more people, members and supporters and the wider public, can engage and feel part of the debate going on in the party."

Blogging had been instrumental in raising the profile of Chris Huhne during his bid for the party leadership, said Mr Pack.

And the party's green tax proposals, which are dominating debate at the party's conference, would not have taken shape in the way they have without the input of bloggers, he added.

The party received more than 50 nominations for the award.

The runners up were Andy Meyer, Liberal Review, Liberal England, The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant and Peter Black AM.