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BBC: Blogging trickle may soon flood

The perception of bloggers - almost always unfair - is that they are sad people sitting in their underwear rooted in front of a computer all day writing about how much worse their fungal nail infection is getting to an audience of three friends.

However, a number of Northern Ireland's politicians have been getting in on the act, with the blogging rather than the infection.


North Down Alliance Councillor Ian J Parsley is one of the few elected NI politicos venturing into the world wide web's diary, not on a mission to convert, but to explain.

"It is more of a narrative about what it is like to be a local, elected representative, a lot of people are not aware that it is unpaid," he said of his blog.

He said that blogging was something younger politicians should examine as a way of explaining what they do to their electorate.

Steering clear of too much politics is a key, turning a blog into a press release archive is unlikely to enhance its appeal to readers.

While planning issues in North Down and meetings of the local Alliance Association get a run out on Mr Parsley's blog, so does political humour.

But whether the DUP's Big Ian Paisley should join Ian Parsley in cyberdebate is a different matter.

Mr Parsely said blogging is probably not the right path for more senior party members.

"They should speak through the party," he added.

Judgement should always be used. A poorly thought-out comment may return to haunt the unsuspecting politician.

"You need to be watchful, but then again, it can be something you can reference back to later," Mr Parsley said. more here