Get your voice heard in the Queensland election campaign

Originally posted Monday, September 04, 2006I need to promote a good cause that is all about what this blog is trying to address.

If anyone haven't heard of eTQ, they should enter their website and find out more about their 'DON'T BE SILENT AT ELECTION TIME' campaign.

eTQ is today encouraging young Queenslanders to get on the phone to local candidates and tell them what matters in the Queensland election campaign.

From eTQ: "eTQ think that the lack of adequate inclusion of youth issues in the coverage and campaigning isn't good enough. Data shows that over 200 000 young people are enrolled to vote, which is a lot of voices. It's time the politicians heard some of those".

"Let's right the myth: we are not apathetic! We are a diverse group of people, with a diverse range of needs, and it is about time they were addressed".

Hit the campaign website for more information.