Jack of all trades, Master of none? Not anymore

Here is an excellent article about Arianna Huffington, the baby-boomer blogger and founder of The Huffington post. I believe that the level of obsession that Arianna talks about is what will make really drive blogs in the next few years, especially as communities develop around them. Rather than newspapers or magazines and general news sites, I think that we will begin to see sites like popurls that simply filter through and amalgamate more specific sites. Rather than the current system where journalists are simply professional writers discussing many topics, amateur citizens will become experts in one specific field. What this could mean for the future of campaigns is that candidates (or corporations) will not just have one blog about themselves, but will perhaps have many different blogs. Each one will be able to attract a different segment of the audience and the conglomerate of blogs will be more effective than on broad blog.Also, I kind of think that Arianna is a babe.