Random Updates - vol. 1

In the spirit of Michael OCC, I'm going to also do a big birthday-related update (who knew our days were so close together, eh?). Last week I attended the Third Tuesday Toronto/Inside PR mash up and had a great time. It is great to hear Martin, Keith and Julie rock the mic with Terry and I thought the live format worked really well, and it was good of Doctor Jones to take a long enough break from Twitter to join them. They are an insightful bunch, and you should have a listen to the social media magic.

After a pretty solid birthday weekend that involved going to the Blue Jay's game (thanks for the grand slam, Frank Thomas!) and receiving one of the best birthday presents ever, it was back to work on Monday. A great start to the week was seeing that Techdirt's Mike Masnick had used a story I suggested last week.

I've always respected Masnick's writing and I think that he is one of the most important thinkers in the blogosphere today. If you've never read Techdirt, start now. If you're in Toronto, you'll be glad to know that he'll be one of the speakers at the mesh conference.

Which brings me to another point: Get your tickets to mesh now. As part part of my job, I end up going to a lot of events and conferences. Mesh sticks out as one of the best ones by far (alongside Third Tuesday), and I'm really looking forward to going again (last year was great). My only complaint about it is that I never know how to capitalize it. Mesh? or mesh?

The student tickets are already sold out, and I've heard that the regularly priced ones are selling quickly.

And today, my company (CNW Group) launched a major upgrade to our media monitoring solution and as part of the launch I helped put together a sweet-ass Multi Media News Release to accompany the regular release that went out over the wire.

That's it from this guy...catch me on Twitter or Facebook until next time (and if you're free, help my roommate petition to get a liquor store opened near our house or check out The Curb Crawlers' SEK ONE at The Social on Wednesday night...it'll probably be pretty sick).


*Disclosure: My employer, CNW Group, sponsors both Third Tuesday and the mesh conference. However, this is a personal blog and if I didn't think that TT and mesh were awesome, I probably wouldn't be writing about them.