The Ol' Job Hunt

Now that Espen has finished his thesis, he should be looking for work in either PR or politics. Instead, he's still hanging out in Australia. For those students who actually are trying to get ahead in life and start careers, I've found a few blog posts out on the interweb to help you out.

Joe Thornley gets us started off with some advice on how to write a good application letter. The only thing that I don't like about this post is that I didn't read it until after I had sent out about a million sub-par application letters.

Geoff Livingston provides some good advice for those interested in getting into the social media side of PR. The best point he makes is that writing is very important for the up-and-coming spin doctor (and this holds true for almost any job).

Martin Waxman also has some great points about finding a job, and notes that an applicant really needs to grab the potential employers attention. I like how he likens interviewing a job to pitching media.

My advice to young applicants is to show that you are multifaceted. How many people in your graduating class took the exact same courses that you did? How many of them also did the mandatory internship? So what makes you so different?

Anyone else have any tips? Any young students want to share their successes failures?