This is how you run a campaign in 2007:

From (An Afternoon with Barack Obama)

“In what has to be one of the coolest afternoons ever, The RunObama team was invited to sit down with Senator Obama at a small event that was arranged to say thank you to some of the grassroots groups that helped encourage him to run.

We joined some of the good folks from and, about ten in total, in a conference room near the hill this afternoon. The Senator arrived surprisingly unencumbered by staff (presidential candidates and/or senators tend to travel with herds of staff in tow) and apologized in advance that he would have to leave after about 45 minutes for a vote.

He thanked us for coming and for, more importantly, all of the work the various groups had put into convincing him to run (though he warned that his wife was less than thrilled with our success).”

That’s the way to go Obama - and an important lesson for other candidates to learn. Just see how much the 45 minutes meant to these grassroots groups! Imagine the work they will continue to do after the motivation given from the man himself!