BoingBoing's Anti-Commercial Attitude Is Misdirected

When I first grasped the concept of what a "weblog" was back in 2005 and the types of amazing stories, opinions and information in these things, I loved BoingBoing. To me, it was everything a website should be. Overtime, I've grown sick of it. At one point, I stopped even reading BoingBoing. Now I mostly just check in a few times a week, using it as a thermometer with which to take temperature of a particular inward-looking sector of the internet.

In between reposts from Reddit and a creepy obsession with girls and ukuleles, the BoingBoing crew likes to lift their noses up high and stick it to the man by hypocritically thumbing their noses at the advertising and PR industries.

I say hypocritically because I imagine that fairly large portion of revenue for the site comes from either the sidebar banner ads, in-stream advertising features or Watchismo sponsorship.

Referring to Chevy-sponsored OK Go! video as one that was "done in partnership with the maker of that particular" car just strikes me as childish.

Look, I'm sure Chevy and their agency are probably overjoyed that BoingBoing embedded it, even without naming the brand. But seriously, BoingBoing: Get off your high horse. Chevy created something you thought was cool. Deal with it.