Ten years for the word Weblog

It’s the 10th anniversary of the word weblog! I’ve decided to post my contributions to the blog roll to celebrate! PR Conversations

Much like our own BlogCampaigning, the contributors of PR Conversations seem to take pride in their international perspectives. They have twelve different authors from all over the world. This blog was recommended to me by Ira Basen and that means a lot because he’s a pretty smart dude. What I think is particularly cool about PR Conversations is that they predominantly regard public relations as a profession and that seems to permeate their posts and comments. I like their stance.

Strategic Public Relations

I liked Kevin Dugan’s use of the word pwn in his post about Brandweek. His blog centers around public relations-meets-marketing tactics. I find it particularly pleasant to read because he writes in short bursts and incorporates lots of pictures. (Layout does a lot!)

Radical Trust

If you know anyone who is on the cusp of delving into social media, but has reservations, please direct them to Collin Douma’s blog, Radical Trust. According to Collin, what holds a lot of companies back from making the social media leap is a question of trust towards the consumer and a feeling of lack of control. Collin has a lot of experience in internet platform development and is currently the Chief Strategist with the Social Media Group, Canada’s first agency dedicated exclusively to social media. This guy knows his stuff. As a former philosophy student myself, I particularly appreciate his analytic tone.

Pierce Mattie Public Relations New York & Los Angeles

It’s about time we had a luxury lifestyle blog around here!


- Jess