Campaigning online: Quick feeds

Jonathan Rick’s post on No Straw Men, Jim Gilmore Shows (Inadvertently) How Important a New Media Adviser Is, really shows how important it is for a campaign to include a new media adviser. For all the reasons why, check out Rick’s post.

PR NewsWire reports that the widely-read conservative blog Power Line has launched a 'Candidates' Forum,' where Republican presidential candidates and their staffers will engage in an ongoing and instantaneous interactive discussion with the site's 412,000 weekly readers. It is the first time a party's leading presidential hopefuls have coalesced at one website to engage in a conversation with the party's most committed members, reports PR NewsWire.

Meet the OPOs via the Washington Post. Who are the OPOs, did you say? The OPOs are the online political operatives – And for the OPOs-- the Internet isn't just a tool. It's a strategy, a whole new way of campaigning, a form of communication, from blogs to MySpace to YouTube, with far more potential than the old media of print and television. So if you want to learn more about the people that work with online political campaigns head to the Post.

We the People: John Edwards asks supporters to put themselves in YouTube ad. TechPresident reflects on the story.