This is the end! (of googlebombing)

In an official Google newsletter you can read,  Google says that it wishes to (or as they say; has begun) minimize the impact of googlebombs by improving the analysis of the link structure of the web. This means that it will become harder for online activists like Chris Bowers and the rest of the Mydd-crew to manipulate web-search results as a campaign strategy. Or does it?

Self-proclaimed inventor of the googlebomb campaign-strategy, Chris Bowers had this to say about Google's latest actions:

"There will always be ways to manipulate search engine rankings, even if the days of the googlebomb are numbered. Given that Internet searches for candidate information remain the most common form of political action taken online, it will remain crucially important for campaigns and activists alike to continuously be developing new strategies that will allow them to take advantage of online searches. Rest assured that I will do whatever I can to constantly be developing new techniques in this area myself."


"I am going to look into this, and into developing a more comprehensive search optimization strategy before going forward with the next phase of the John McCain googlebomb campaign. This campaign does not end here. If anything, this new development will simply result in a more sophisticated and intelligent strategy. and yes, BlogPac will continue to be essential to these efforts."

Go Bowers and Mydd!