mesh Multimedia News Release!

Hey! Go check out the multimedia news release for the mesh conference here (one of many kick-ass MMNRs that CNW Group has done recently...check out the others here). It has a great list of all the speakers that will be appearing at mesh, so you can start doing your research and figure out who you want to see.

If you've got time, check out the mesh blog and website to find out more.

And keep reading BlogCampaigning, because I've got a great series of posts about mesh coming in the weeks leading up to the conference.

If you're planning on going to the conference, connect with me on Twitter or Facebook and hopefully I'll see you there.



Disclosure: Although my company, CNW Group, is a sponsor of the mesh conference and was behind the distribution of the multi media news release listed above, this is a personal blog and the thoughts and opinions here are my own and do not reflect those of my company.