A Touch of Northern Blogging

Now that I am back in my homeland, I thought I'd try and familiarize myself the local PR climate by talking about a few Canadian blogs (all of which can be found on the New PR Wiki ).First up is the blog of Elliot Noss, who is in a leadership position at Canada's Tucows. Despite the fact that the company is in the business of web-related software, I was quite disapointed by Noss' blog. It appears to be sloppy, and hastily written. Perhaps if it was meant for the consumption only by him and his immediate colleagues it would not be too bad. However, if I was with Tucows, I would not be happy at having him represent my company online. Surely somone could take a bit more time and create a more relevant and readable blog. The next blog that I looked at was that of Warren Bickford, who is involved with the International Association of Business Communicators. I'm not exactly sure what they do, but apparently Bickford started blogging on April 6 (my birthday) so that's good enough for me. His blog is simple and clean, which makes for easy reading. While it seems to be very geared towards the public speaking industry, it is still quite readable. This, and the fact the Bickford seems to be quite skilled at creating commentary about his side, shows us that the man is indeed a real communicator. We can learn from him.