Blogs growing by the second

Steve Johnson said in yesterday's Chicago Tribune that blogs are about to become "mainstream". Recent numbers from the Pew Institute show that only 8 percent (12 million American adults) of U.S. Internet users operate a blog and a significantly higher number aren't entirely sure what the term "web blog" means.

However, we are (according to David Sifry - founder of Technorati) seeing a growth of 175,000 blogs every single day – about two every second of every day – opposed to a growth of one every second seven months ago.

57 million American adults (39 percent) read blogs on a daily basis, 72 percent of all bloggers looks online for news or information about politics. Technorati have listed 57 million blogs on their site. Surely these numbers must indicate a significant impact on the political sphere and the way we visualise political campaigns. The question we still have to dig deeper for is how blogs can have impact on political campaigns.

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