How We Spent Our Summer Vacation: BlogCampaigning is Back

If you spent the latter half of your summer following Heather, Jens, Adam Gorley and myself on Twitter in hopes of a quick-fix for your BlogCampaigning cravings we've got news for you: We're back to blogging here. Jens was busy writing love letters to his girlfriend Jenna, but he also got a job at a video game design studio in Berlin. We'll have a post up shortly about his experience writing a game design document.

Adam Gorley did some serious renovations on his house. I hear he even dug out his own basement. Has your editor ever dug out a basement? I didn't think so.

Heather spent some time traveling, and got to see the west coast of Canada for the first time.

In May, I started a new job at Radar DDB. That's been keeping me pretty busy, but not so busy that I didn't also go to Las Vegas, New Orleans and Vancouver on separate mini-vacations.

I have no idea what Espen has been up to.

Thanks for reading BlogCampaigning, and stay tuned!