Thirsty Thursday on September 24th!

If you've been to a Thirsty Thursday before, you know how much fun Chris, Scotty, Cathy and I  have at these semi-regular events. You've probably had a good time, too. If you haven't been to one, now is your chance.

While these events are normally reserved for PR practitioners and crazy communicators, we're loosening the rules a little bit because one of our own, Scotty Mac, is leaving the industry to go back to school.

Since he'll be studying accounting, this is probably his last chance to have a good time. Think of it like a stag party for his career.

And help us decide where to hold it! We've celebrated Thirsty Thursday at Sneaky Dee's, Pauper's Pub, and the Victory Café before. Where should we go this time?

Some suggestions:

- Fionn MacCool's (Adelaide + University) - Elephant & Castle (King + Simcoe) - Temple Bar (King + Brant) - Duke Of Gloucester (Yonge + Charles) - Paupers Pub (Bloor + Bathurst) - Duke of York (near St. George station)

The ideal location has a patio, is central (or close to transit), and can accommodate a large group.

UPDATE: Our good friend Wilkey suggests that we all hit the Jay's game that evening and sit in the cheap seats at the 500 Level. Any thoughts on that?

Leave your thoughts (and let us know you'll be attending) in the Thirsty Thursday Facebook event!