Where It All Began (4 years of BlogCampaigning)

As a follow-up to my post of awesome pictures the other day, I thought I'd post this gem of a picture:

It is a picture of Jens and Espen, taken sometime in September, 2006. Espen had just launched BlogCampaigning as part of his thesis at Griffith University, and Jens and I were just starting to write posts for the site.

In the four years since then, we've gone on to do some different things but the three of us have mostly kept in touch via BlogCampaigning.

Thanks for reading - we hope BlogCampaigning is around for another four years for you. And for us.


Happy Birthday, BlogCampaigning!

I don't know how it slipped by me, but August 3rd was the second anniversary of BlogCampaigning. In those two years, a lot has happened: Espen published his thesis on the use of Blogs in American Political campaigns, Jens "Schredd" Schroeder joined us, all three primary authors moved back to their home countries, we had a bunch of great guest authors and we're still having a great time with it all.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading over the years!


Espen's Birthday

Hello is Espen's birthday. If you see him around, don't buy him a drink. He gets drunk really easily, and probably won't need it.

I'm serious. Even his girlfriend can drink more than him. Even his girlfriend's 14 year old sister can probably drink more than him.

Instead, send him a birthday message. And if you are still linking to our old URL (, change it to our new one: