Piracy and DRM: Thanks for the Entertainment

XKCD absoluteley nails the explanation of why DRM sucks: XKCD Steal This Comic

And in related news, Ars Technica reports that the entertainment industry has basically been making up stats about how much piracy is costing the U.S. Economy, while Larry Lessig (via Techdirt) argues in favor of decriminalizing musical piracy and remixing.

When will the entertainment industry learn?


Wikipedian Coincidences

Over the weekend, Jens wrote a post about how certain topics (like fictional characters) in Wikipedia have unreasonably high word counts when compared to what should be more culturally important issues. For some bizarre reason, Seth Godin wrote about the same topic in the past few days.

Today's edition of XKCD was also quite similar.

I'm thinking about writing a Wikipedia article about this coincidence.