Women in Technology

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

March 24th is Ada Lovelace Day, the international day of blogging, to draw attention to the achievements of women in technology. Ada Lovelace is often noted as the first computer programmer. She wrote the first computer algorithm in 1842, and believed in the strong role that computers and technology would play in society far ahead of her time. Today is a day to celebrate not only her achievements, but the achievements of every woman in technology and science around the world. I believe women bring a valuable outlook to the technology field, viewing and solving problems in different ways from our male counterparts. The diversity of solutions created by active participation from both men and women enables the advancement and flourishing of science and technology.

Today I am thankful to be surrounded by so many brilliant women, who continue to create, invent, blog and inspire others to get involved each and every day.

Cheers to some women who inspire me on a daily basis:

Jen Evans: Founder and Chief Strategist at Sequentia Environics (where I work) – inspiring and amazingly brilliant!

Candice Faktor: Doing amazing things to push the envelope and keep the media industry churning – Managing Director of Corporate Development and Innovation, Torstar Digital.

Ashleigh Gardner: A digital publishing force to be reckoned with – Digital Publisher, Dundurn Press.

Sarah Prevette: Founder and CEO of Sprouter – persevered towards her dream of helping entrepreneurs connect and being featured one day in Wired Magazine.

Jess Bennett: Inspired Toronto blogger for Sift, Dust & Toss about food, health and nutrition – named best new Canadian blog of 2009.

Amanda Laird: Toronto food blogger for Mise En Place, community manager and communications specialist at CNW Group.

Which women inspire you?