Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday is This Week!

If you're a young communicator in the Toronto area, you won't want to miss the latest installment of Thirsty Thursday Toronto. We'll be convening at Pauper's Pub at around 6pm this Thursday.

Add yourself to the Facebook event and the Thirsty Thursday Toronto Group so we know how many people to expect.

If you're not in Toronto and want to start a Thirsty Thursday in your city, please contact Rick Weiss about franchise opportunities.


A Double Dose of Thirsty Thursday

In the next few weeks, we have not one but TWO rock-solid Thirsty Thursday events coming up!

Thirsty Thursday May Madness

When: Thursday, May 20th at 6:00 pm

Where: The Central (603 Markham Street, Toronto)

What:  Join us for another edition of Toronto's favorite PR meet-up.

This informal affair will be a great chance to work on your pint-raising form ahead of summer patio season.

We've booked the foosball room upstairs at The Central for this event. Apparently, there is a small patio off of it for those of you that like fresh air and/or cigarettes.

As usual, Chris Clarke will get there early to hold our place. Feel free to show up at 5 to hang out with him, or anytime after 6 to see everyone else.

We hope to see you there! Confirm  your Attendance on the Thirsty Thursday: May Madness Facebook Event

Thirsty Thursday Goes Gunning

When: Saturday, June 5

Where: Target Sports Canada (Gormley)

What: That's right: Thirsty Thursday is getting out of the bar and into a limo bus for an afternoon at one of North Toronto's finest shooting ranges.

The cost will be approximately $100, and includes transportation via limo bus from a central location in downtown Toronto (probably Bloor and Spadina) to the shooting range (Richmond hill) and back (I don't even really know what a limo bus is, but it sounds sweet and we're getting a decent deal on it).

This $100 also includes usage fees and ammo for 9mm, .40, .45, a few other handguns, and some shotguns. Rifle ammunition is not included.

Thirsty Thursday Co-organizer Rick Weiss said that they'll do "a little safety course at the beginning."

Afterwards, we'll be going out for beer and cheeseburgers (and/or hot wings) at a venue in downtown Toronto TBD (any suggestions?)

Confirm your attendance on the Thirsty Thursday Goes Gunning Facebook Event and we'll be in touch to sort out the little details.

Will you be there?

Start Your Thirsty Thursday Years On April 15

Just like Carlsberg describes itself as "probably the best beer in the world," I'm pretty sure that Thirsty Thursday is probably the best PR meet-up in Toronto. Maybe I'm just saying that because I recently turned 28, and I think I've entered my Carlsberg years. Or maybe I'm just in the middle of my Thirsty Thursday years, and that means you probably are too. If you come out to Pauper's Pub (372 Bloor Street West) on April 15, we can debate the whole thing.

From the official invite:

Spring is here and so is the latest edition of Thirsty Thursday! Hot on the heels of our Talk Is Thirsty event last month, we're back at our usual venue of Pauper's Pub. Join us for a few extra-casual beers as we talk about billable hours, best practices for media relations and how glad we are that we didn't go to med school.

We'll also be raising a few pints to welcome Rick Weiss into the fold as a co-organizer of Thirsty Thursday (mostly because he's the one that reminds us we should do another of these events and because Cathy and Scott don't help out anymore).

Feel free to show up with friends, or by yourself. Chris Clarke will be at Pauper's "holding down the fort" around 5:30 pm, while the rest of us will show up around 6:00.

RSVP to the event on Facebook so we know how many people to expect and join the Thirsty Thursday Group on Facebook so you won't be left out of our May event (its going to be awesome).


PS: We need a logo for Thirsty Thursday - anyone want to give it a shot?

Anyone Thirsty?

That's right - it's time for another edition of Thirsty Thursday.

On February 18th, Toronto's finest young (and young at heart) PR practitioners and accounting student (Scotty Mac) will once again be raising a few pints at Pauper's Pub,  located conveniently close to the TTC (more importantly, its the halfway point between where I work and where I live).

Plan to show up anytime after 6:30 pm. We'll probably order nachos.


PS: Oh, and if you do plan on attending please RSVP on the Facebook Event

Thirsty Thursday Is Back! (Non-denominational Holiday Edition)

Picture 1Join Toronto's PR community for an informal gathering at Pauper's Pub on Thursday, December 3rd. We'll be there from 6:30pm until at least 10pm. We'll be celebrating ourselves, the holiday season, and Scotty Mac's (pictured left) transition from professional communicator to accounting student. For more information, check out the Facebook Event (and let us know you're coming so we know that there's enough space). While you're at it, join the Thirsty Thursday Facebook group.

Hope to see you there!


Thirsty Thursday on September 24th!

If you've been to a Thirsty Thursday before, you know how much fun Chris, Scotty, Cathy and I  have at these semi-regular events. You've probably had a good time, too. If you haven't been to one, now is your chance.

While these events are normally reserved for PR practitioners and crazy communicators, we're loosening the rules a little bit because one of our own, Scotty Mac, is leaving the industry to go back to school.

Since he'll be studying accounting, this is probably his last chance to have a good time. Think of it like a stag party for his career.

And help us decide where to hold it! We've celebrated Thirsty Thursday at Sneaky Dee's, Pauper's Pub, and the Victory Café before. Where should we go this time?

Some suggestions:

- Fionn MacCool's (Adelaide + University) - Elephant & Castle (King + Simcoe) - Temple Bar (King + Brant) - Duke Of Gloucester (Yonge + Charles) - Paupers Pub (Bloor + Bathurst) - Duke of York (near St. George station)

The ideal location has a patio, is central (or close to transit), and can accommodate a large group.

UPDATE: Our good friend Wilkey suggests that we all hit the Jay's game that evening and sit in the cheap seats at the 500 Level. Any thoughts on that?

Leave your thoughts (and let us know you'll be attending) in the Thirsty Thursday Facebook event!


Glitz, Glamour and Thirst: Toronto During The Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival is known for its glamorous parties full of beautiful people from the worlds of the media and entertainment elite, and this is the first year that Thirsty Thursday is going to take place during the same week as TIFF. While it isn't an official TIFF event, it is still going to be pretty awesome.

For those of you that haven't attended a Thirsty Thursday event before, the basic idea is that it is a casual get together for young people in Public Relations or Marketing.  It began as a few friends meeting for drinks, and has grown into a event to look forward to every month.

Celebrities you will see at this week's Thirsty Thursday:

Chris Clarke (yes, the Chris Clarke who was quoted in the Toronto Star)

Jessica Sine (the face of Access CNW)

Amanda Laird (my colleague, who got her job as a result of this post on BlogCampaigning)

So get your life together and spend what could be one of the last nice Thursdays of the year swilling beer with Toronto's finest young communicators on the rooftop patio of Pauper's Pub (539 Bloor Street) at around 7pm.