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Start Your Thirsty Thursday Years On April 15

Just like Carlsberg describes itself as "probably the best beer in the world," I'm pretty sure that Thirsty Thursday is probably the best PR meet-up in Toronto. Maybe I'm just saying that because I recently turned 28, and I think I've entered my Carlsberg years. Or maybe I'm just in the middle of my Thirsty Thursday years, and that means you probably are too. If you come out to Pauper's Pub (372 Bloor Street West) on April 15, we can debate the whole thing.

From the official invite:

Spring is here and so is the latest edition of Thirsty Thursday! Hot on the heels of our Talk Is Thirsty event last month, we're back at our usual venue of Pauper's Pub. Join us for a few extra-casual beers as we talk about billable hours, best practices for media relations and how glad we are that we didn't go to med school.

We'll also be raising a few pints to welcome Rick Weiss into the fold as a co-organizer of Thirsty Thursday (mostly because he's the one that reminds us we should do another of these events and because Cathy and Scott don't help out anymore).

Feel free to show up with friends, or by yourself. Chris Clarke will be at Pauper's "holding down the fort" around 5:30 pm, while the rest of us will show up around 6:00.

RSVP to the event on Facebook so we know how many people to expect and join the Thirsty Thursday Group on Facebook so you won't be left out of our May event (its going to be awesome).


PS: We need a logo for Thirsty Thursday - anyone want to give it a shot?