Karolina Kurkova

BlogCampaigning in 2010

Man, its been a whirlwind year for the BlogCampaigning crew. We celebrated our 4th Birthday in August.

Jens finally finished his PhD about video games and moved to Australia to live with his girlfriend Jenna. I’d be a lot happier for him if so many of his Facebook posts weren’t about him bitching about how hard his life is. His previous book, one all about video games in the communist Germany during the 80s was also made available on Amazon.

Our Copy Editor spent the summer digging out his basement, and we’re hoping he’ll rejoin the team sometime soon.

Heather started writing more regularly for the site, and even chimed in on her own Fashion Friday post. She's also continued to rock it at Sequentia Environics.

Espen remains at large somewhere in the urban wilds of Scandinavia. Rumor has it he’s gainfully employed, married and soon to be a father. I still think of him as the guy I used to surf with and as the plucky drummer of Gravmar and the Gravediggers.

I joined Radar DDB in May to spend most of my day sitting 4 feet away from Ed Lee. We’ve done some really cool stuff online, and I know that we’ve got more coming. Stay tuned.

In other BlogCampaigning news, I continually regret Espen’s choice of ‘BlogCampaigning’ for the name and URL of the site. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to type, write down or explain to anyone? Plus, blogs and campaigns are pretty much dead, right? We should totally just rename ourselves something like “SocialConversing."

We continue to get a majority of our hits from searches for the term “Karolina Kurkova” thanks to this blog post I wrote about here a while ago (note to self: sex sells).These visitors don't tend to stick around the site very long.

Besides that, some of our must-reads (as determined by the number of comments and hits they got) were a Fashion Friday post about When To Wear A Blazer and another post about When To Take Off Your Suit Jacket in a Meeting

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See you in January.


Photographic Expectations

First I read that the AP has suspended the use of photos from the Department of Defense, and then later in the weekend my roommate sends me an article saying that Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova doesn't have a belly button, and that they insert it digitally in any midriff-baring pictues of her.

Why is one use of a doctored photo acceptable, while the other results in outrage from a news agency?

Unlike the Iranian missile situation from this summer, neither photo was edited in an attempt to change the news or what it was reporting.

The line at which is acceptable to edit photos has been blurring for a long time. At what point will we stop caring?