Work Out Wednesdays Volume 1

As mentioned in one of Parker's previous posts, I recently launched a new fitness, health and nutrition blog called This has really allowed me to tap into one of my passions and continue learning and finding new information on wellness in general. If you share this passion, here are a few of my recent blog posts that might interest you: 1. 5 Easy Steps to a Healthier You - A quick overview of some easy and achievable things you (and pretty much anyone) can do to stay healthy.

2. Green Mango Smoothie Recipe - I recently started drinking fruit and veggie smoothies for lunch. I've experienced a huge boost in energy and have also managed to shed a few extra pounds. If you're thinking of incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables try this recipe - it is truly delicious!

3. Running Tips for Beginners - If you are considering taking up running for the first time, or just getting back into it after the long winter break, here are some tips that I found helped me as I started running last year. If you have any to add - let me know!

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or questions - I'm really looking forward to continuing to learn and incorporate new ideas and feedback into future posts.



Have you been wondering why Heather Morrison hasn't been blogging here lately? Its because she started a new blog, Fitnesse! It is all about fitness, nutrition and wellness.

She's only just started, and already she has a great few posts, ranging from making the perfect herbal tea for a winter day to the exciting sport of indoor cycling!

Hopefully, she'll post a weekly wrap-up from Fitnesse here on BlogCampaigning (seriously - we're starving for content here!). In the meantime, head over to