First Reference

Gorley's Other Gig

Adam Gorley is BlogCampaigning's copy editor, and the one responsible for scheduling our posts.

Sometime he doesn't get a chance to edit one of my posts until a few hours after I send it to him.

That's because he also has another (read: real) job that keeps him busy. Part of this other job involves writing articles for the First Reference blog, a site about "Business, Payroll, Employment Law, Internal Controls & You!"

For an example of one of his recent posts on the First Reference Blog, check out Workplace human rights: Overt racism in the workplace – it's still here.

A few weeks ago, he also wrote a post about what to do about the problem of employee theft in the workplace that I thought was hilarious, but only because I read it a few hours after finding out that April 15 is Steal From Work Day. (I probably won't be adding that to my calendar.)

Thanks for your work, Adam.