Anita Clarke

Blogger Outreach (Podcamp Toronto 09)

I know that PodCamp Toronto was almost a month ago, but I'm still catching up on some of the videos of the sessions that I missed. One of those sessions is one on Blogger Relations that Eden Spodek recently wrote about. The session was moderated by Keith McArthur and featured David Jones and Mathew Stradiotto representing the agency side while Eden and Anita Clarke represented the blogger side.

If you are in PR and interested in reaching bloggers, the session is definitely worth a view:

Some of the main points are:

While I don't want to say that the

Anita: "Good pitches always included a lot of information, and gave it all up front so that I didn't have to ask a lot of questions."

"I don't like being bothered every other day, whether the post has gone up or whether I'm going to do this, because I have a full time job." And I think that most bloggers have a full time job. If they don't, and the blog is their primary job, then they are probably equally busy. Either way, the message is that PR practitioners should respect the bloggers time.

"people from the states pitch to me, and they don't sell