2008: “The Web will change the outcome of the election!”

"The Web will be playing a bigger role than ever in the 2008 campaign, so much so that for the first time, it will actually change the outcome of the election”, told Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean, to AFP yesterday.

From Institute for Politics Democracy and the Internet:

Trippi told AFP that embarrassing moments like the race row which torpedoed the Virginia Senate campaign and potential presidential bid of Republican George Allen were bound to spring up again in the 2008 presidential race. Allen was caught on camera using the racial slur "macaca" to refer to an opponent's campaign worker during the campaign for November's election. His poll ratings plunged after the video was posted on online video hotspot YouTube, which has more than 20 million visitors. "The (Web) is becoming more powerful because more and more Americans are becoming part of online communities," Trippi said.

No doubt Trippi!